The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks

Synopsis of Movie

”I hate hockey and I hate kids.”

Everyone loves an underdog. From Rocky to The Bad News Bears, Hollywood has been capitalizing on our love for the little guy, pitting our hopeless heroes against seemingly invincible opponents. With most other major sports already taken, Disney turned to hockey for 1992’s The Mighty Ducks.

Self-absorbed lawyer Gordon Bombay is haunted by memories of blowing the final shot in the peewee hockey championships. When Gordon gets hit with a DUI conviction, his boss, Mr. Ducksworth, orders him to take a leave of absence from the firm to coach a peewee hockey team. The ragtag moppets represent a cross-section of cultures and character types (the overweight kid, the skate princess, the tough kid, etc.), and Gordon doesn’t like a single one of them.

The coach’s attitude begins to change when his team suffers a hard loss to the rival Hawks, a team still coached by Gordon’s cruel ex-mentor, Coach Riley. Gordon gets the team a new sponsor (Mr. Ducksworth), new uniforms, and a new name—The Mighty Ducks. After whipping the guys and gals into top game shape, Gordon puts the Ducks on the path to the championships… and a rematch with Riley and the Hawks.

This fairly low-budget sports comedy was a surprise hit for Disney, and the company responded with a slew of spinoffs. Two movie sequels followed, as did a cartoon adaptation (this one starring actual ducks, albeit from outer space), and yes, a real-life National Hockey League team, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Apparently, everybody loves a winner.

Movie Release History

1992 - The Mighty Ducks
1994 - D2: The Mighty Ducks
1996 - D3: The Mighty Ducks

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Gordon Bombay Emilio Estevez
Hans Joss Ackland
Coach Reilly Lane Smith
Casey Heidi Kling
Gerald Ducksworth Josef Sommer
Charlie Conway Joshua Jackson
Fulton Reed Elden Ratliff
Goldberg Shaun Weiss
Lewis M.C. Gainey
Les Averman Matt Doherty
Jesse Hall Brandon Quintin Adams
Peter J.D. Daniels
Dave Karp Aaron Schwartz
Guy Germaine Garette Ratliff Henson
Connie Marguerite Moreau
Tammy Jane Plank
Terry Hall  Jussie Smollett
Adam Banks   Vincent Larusso
Tommy  Danny Tamberelli
McGill Michael Ooms
Larson Casey Garven
Phillip Banks   Hal Fort Atkinson III
Basil McRae   Himself
Michael Modano   Himself
Mr. Hall   John Beasley
Referee (Hawks)  Stephen Dowling
Gordon at 10 Years Old  Brock Pierce
Gordon's Father  Robert Pall
Mr. Tolbert  John Paul Gamoke
Frank Huddy  Steven Brill
Judge Weathers   George Coe
Jury Foreman  Dale Dunham
Jeannie Barbara Davidson
Cardinals Coach Brad Peterson
Cardinals Goal  John Oliver
Jane Jacqueline Kim
Arresting Cop  Garth Schumacher
Court Clerk  Joe Howard
Cardinal #1   Scott Bryan
Referee (Flames)  Peter L. Mullin
Science Teacher  Mark Bradley
Official (Hawks)  Bill Schoppert
Principal Claudia Wilkens
Utility Ref   Jack White
Paramedic  Peter Syvertsen
Announcer Bob Miller

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