My Little Pony: The Movie

My Little Pony: The Movie

Synopsis of Movie

All is not well in Ponyland. Sure, the ponies themselves are as cute as ever, their multicolored manes flowing silkily in the breeze, but there’s an ill wind blowing in. A witchy wind. And it’ll take more than pony pluck to save the day.

DEG’s My Little Pony: The Movie was based on the popular cartoon series, itself based on the Hasbro toy line. Designed to appeal to young girls, the ponies were a smash hit in both plastic and animated form, and a full-length feature seemed like the next logical step.

Like the animated series, My Little Pony: The Movie takes place in the magical realm of Ponyland, home of Gusty, Whistler, Fizzy and several other adorable flying ponies. Trouble comes when evil witch Hydia and her two daughters, Draggle and Reeka, form an evil plot to flood Ponyland.

While the other ponies flee to regroup, spoiled Lickety-Split gets trapped in a cave with the troll-like Grundles. Thankfully, the Grundle King isn’t a bad sort, and he helps Lickety-Split escape. With some advice from the wise Moochick and a little help from the tiny Bushwoolies, the ponies band together to save Ponyland from the trio of crones and the scary Smooze.

My Little Pony: The Movie boasted an impressive voice cast, including Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn, Rhea Perlman, Danny DeVito and Tony Randall. The movie wasn’t any more than it pretended to be—a happy fantasy for the wee ones (especially the female wee ones)—but it did the job, enchanting fans and winning new ones. And all was well again in Ponyand.

Movie Release History

1986 - My Little Pony: The Movie

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Movie Studio



Spike Charles Adler
Woodland Creature Charles Adler
Meagan Tammy Amerson
Grundle Michael Bell
Buttons Sheryl Bernstein
Woodland Creature Sheryl Bernstein
Bushwoolie Sheryl Bernstein
Lofty Susan Blu
Grundle Susan Blu
Bushwoolie Susan Blu
Gusty Nancy Cartwright
Bushwoolie #4 Nancy Cartwright
North Star Cathy Cavadini
Grundle Peter Cullen
Ahgg Peter Cullen
Grundle King Danny DeVito
Sundance Laura Dean
Bushwoolie #2 Laura Dean
Magic Star Ellen Gerstell
Molly Keri Houlihan
Draggle Madeline Kahn
Hydia Cloris Leachman
Fizzy Katie Leigh
Baby Sundance Katie Leigh
Danny Scott Menville
Wind Whistler Sarah Partridge
Reeka Rhea Perlman
Baby Lickety Split Alice Playten
Bushwoolie #1 Alice Playten
The Moochick Tony Randall
Morning Glory Russi Taylor
Rosedust Russi Taylor
Bushwoolie Russi Taylor
Skunk Russi Taylor
Shady Jill Wayne
Baby Lofty Jill Wayne
Bushwoolie #3 Frank Welker
Grundle Frank Welker

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