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Fantastic Voyage

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Although the 1960's were not as well known for science fiction as either the 1950's or 1970's, the decade of swinging did produce some gems of the genre. Perhaps most memorable among them was Fantastic Voyage, an imaginative combination of spy-film action and sci-fi ideas. Unlike most of the sci-fi films of the period that were set in "outer space," Fantastic Voyage had the unique locale of inner space—the interior of the human body.

The action-packed story begins with a defecting Russian scientist narrowly escaping an attack by Russian spies. Injured in the escape, the scientist suffers a potentially fatal blood clot in his brain. Needing to salvage whatever secrets are locked away in the scientist's consciousness, the U.S. military assembles a team led by Agent Grant to save the man's life in a most unusual manner. The team and their ship are zapped to microscopic size via vague, unspecified scientific means and injected into the man’s bloodstream so they can safely destroy the blood clot with the ship’s laser.

It's an easy enough job, were it not for numerous and occasionally life-threatening complications. The team discovers they only have a limited amount of time to perform the mission before the miniaturization effect wears off and they revert to normal size. They also encounter the body's natural defense system and are attacked by white blood cells responding to the ship as though it were an infection.

Anyone who has seen the film will remember a scene where one of the team members is attacked by mindless and relentless amoeba-like globules and nearly killed. Even with all the dangers that they already face, the team soon uncovers that their biggest threat is man-made: one member of the team is actually a Russian double agent out to sabotage their mission at any cost.

Fantastic Voyage was a big hit for 20th Century Fox and was praised far and wide for its inventive style and excellent special effects, earning two Oscars for Best Art Direction and Best Special Visual Effects. Indeed, the film’s look is one of its best assets and a major reason that it remains popular today, inspiring a sense of awe in modern viewers. The film also benefited from an excellent tie-in novelization by legendary sci-fi author Isaac Asimov.

Fantastic Voyage remains a favorite of sci-fi buffs today for its taut and imaginative filmmaking. Widely regarded as a classic of the genre, Voyage even inspired an homage in the 1987 comedy Innerspace starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Even in the era of digital video and computer-generated effects, the old-school fun of Fantastic Voyage will always have a magical appeal.

Movie Release History

1966 - Fantastic Voyage

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Grant Stephen Boyd
Cora Peterson Raquel Welch
General Carter Edmond O'Brien
Dr. Michaels Donald Pleasence
Colonel Donald Reid Arthur O'Connell
Captain Bill Owens William Redfield
Dr. Duval Arthur Kennedy
Jan Benes Jean Del Val

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