The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound

Synopsis of Movie

The Fox and the Hound, Disney’s 24th animated feature, chronicled the sad tale of a friendship that simply wasn’t meant to be. Alternating between playful and heartbreaking, The Fox and the Hound shared much in common with its Disney ancestor Bambi.

As the film opens, young fox Tod loses his mother to a hunter’s blast (off-screen). The orphaned fox is taken in by kind owl Big Mama, who gives the rambunctious youngster a more stable home with human Widow Tweed. At the Widow’s house in the woods, Tod meets a young bloodhound named Copper.

The two become fast friends, romping through the forest and getting into any mischief they can. But Copper is taken away by blackhearted hunter Amos Slade for the winter, returning as a trained hunter himself. The bond between the two old friends is put to the ultimate test when Amos becomes obsessed with catching the elusive Tod and his new love interest, Vixey.

The familiar Disney elements were all present—musical interludes, comic sidekicks, etc.—but the mood was often more sober than comical. A children’s film with loftier themes than most, The Fox and the Hound struck a chord with many moviegoers both in its initial run and in a 1988 re-release.

Movie Release History

1981 - The Fox and the Hound

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Tod Mickey Rooney
Copper Kurt Russell
Big Mama Pearl Bailey
Amos Slade Jack Albertson
Vixey Sandy Duncan
Widow Tweed Jeanette Nolan
Chief Pat Buttram
Porcupine John Fiedler
Badger John McIntire
Dinky Richard Bakalyan
Boomer Paul Winchell
Young Tod Keith Coogan
Young Copper Corey Feldman

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