For the Love of Benji

For the Love of Benji

Synopsis of Movie

Everyone’s favorite shaggy mixed-breed returned for an all-new adventure in 1977’s For the Love of Benji. The original Benji film had been a surprise hit three years earlier, and Benji’s director/trainer Joe Camp decided the old dog still had a few new tricks left to show his public. Actually, this film’s Benji was a new dog, but the adorable mutt was a dead ringer (both in looks and in acting talent) for the pooch America had grown to love.

This time around, Benji heads out on vacation to Greece with his new adopted human family. While there, the little barker becomes the unwitting pawn of a spy named Chandler Dietrich, who hides a top secret message in Benji’s paw. Dietrich follows the family, waiting for a clear chance to snatch his prize, but Benji ends up getting lost and alone on the streets of Athens. With Dietrich and other nefarious agents in hot pursuit, our little hairy hero makes a brave run for freedom, looking for the family he loves.

Like its predecessor, For the Love of Benji found the balance between heart-racing danger and apple-pie wholesomeness, creating another family classic. The film was a respectable hit in theaters, keeping the Benji series alive and well into the 1980’s.

Movie Release History

1974 - Benji
1977 - For the Love of Benji
1980 - Oh, Heavenly Dog
1987 - Benji the Hunted

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Movie Studio

Mulberry Square Productions


Mary Patsy Garrett
Paul Allen Fiuzat
Cindy   Cynthia Smith
Chandler Dietrich   Ed Nelson
Stelios   Art Vasil
Ronald Peter Bowles
Elizabeth   Bridget Armstrong
Man in Baggage Room Mihalis Lambrinos
Dr. Chapman Peter Breck
Greek Man   Tony Alatis
Man in Line   Dean Goss

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