Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Synopsis of Movie

Remember that Flintstones episode where Wilma spent the day at Fred’s job and Fred stayed home to take care of the house? Disney took things one step farther with Freaky Friday, turning role-reversal into actual body-reversal, with predictably zany results.

Middle-aged mom Ellen Andrews doesn’t understand her teen daughter Annabel, thinking kids these days have it too easy. Annabel thinks it’s mom who has the posh life, lounging about the Andrews pad watching soaps all day. Thanks to a mutual wish and a little Friday the 13th magic, the Andrews women get a chance to test their respective theories, as Annabel becomes Ellen and vice versa.

Thus, while the Annabelized Ellen runs around the neighborhood playing pranks, the Ellenized Annabel gets a taste of 70’s teen life, complete with brutal field hockey games and run-raisin banana ice cream for breakfast. The wacky shenanigans continue all day, with both mother and daughter gaining a newfound understanding of their counterpart.

A boom of body-switching comedies (Like Father, Like Son, Vice Versa and others) sprang up nearly a decade later, but Freaky Friday had two aces up its sleeve: Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster in the lead roles. The two actresses tackled their dual roles with gusto, with Harris grooving to bubblegum pop and Foster acting the matronly prude. With these two talents bridging the generation gap, the result was comic gold. Disney remade the film for television in 1995, with Shelly Long and Gaby Hoffman in the lead roles.

Movie Release History

1977 - Freaky Friday

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Mrs. Andrews Barbara Harris
Annabel Andrews Jodie Foster
Mr. Andrews John Astin
Mrs. Schmauss Patsy Kelly
Harold Jennings Dick Van Patten
Virginia Vicki Schreck
Mr. Dilk Sorrell Booke
Mr. Jeffert Alan Oppenheimer
Opposing Coach Ruth Buzzi
Coach Betsy Kaye Ballard
Boris Harris Marc McClure
Mrs. Murphy Marie Windsor
Ben Andrews Sparky Marcus
Mrs. Gibbons Brooke Mills
Mary Kay Gilbert Karen Smith

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