Flash Gordon (80's)

Flash Gordon (80's)

Synopsis of Movie

“Flash! Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the earth!”

Flash Gordon: Quarterback, New York Jets. Armed only with a strong arm, good looks, and leadership skills honed on the field, he saved every one of us.

You may remember a series of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters occurring around 1980. What you thought was the work of the Supreme Being or an angry Mother Earth was actually the fiendish plot of Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Mongo. Using his advanced technology to wreak havoc, Ming was merely toying with our planet before ultimately destroying it.

Thankfully for us, Doctor Hans Zarkov constructs a spacecraft with which he launches himself, Flash and lovely reporter Dale Arden into the far reaches of space. The three are drawn to the surface of Mongo, where they're taken captive by Ming and learn of his plot. Ming sends our platinum blonde hero (Flash—Dale was a brunette) into the gas chamber, but the Emperor’s seductive daughter, Princess Aura, revives Flash and takes him to the forest home of Prince Barin.

Overcoming the distrust of the Mongonians (Mongoids? Mongans? Mongols?), Flash assembles a coalition of men, hawkmen and other angry locals to revolt against Ming’s tyrannical rule, setting the stage for a spectacular revolution in the capital city.

A campy throwback to the sci-fi of yesteryear, Flash Gordon was an update of the 1930’s/40’s Universal serials. Energized by an original score from the rock group Queen, the movie also featured lively performances from stage and screen veterans Brian Blessed, Topol, Timothy Dalton and Max von Sydow as Ming. Newcomers Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson filled in the starring roles.

Scorned by many critics, the film found its share of loyal fans, both young and old, who continue to hope that the ambiguous “The End?” ending will someday be resolved with a second installment.

Movie Release History

1980 - Flash Gordon (80's)

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Movie Studio

MCA, Universal, De Laurentiis


Flash Gordon Sam J. Jones
Dale Arden Melody Anderson
The Emperor Ming Max von Sydow
Doctor Hans Zarkov Topol
Princess Aura Ornella Muti
Prince Barin Timothy Dalton
Prince Vultan Brian Blessed
Klytus Peter Wyngarde
Kala Mariangela Melato
Arborian Priest John Osborne
Fico Richard O'Brien
Luro..John Hallam  
Zogi, the High Priest Philip Stone
Serving Girl Suzanne Danielle
Munson William Hootkins

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