Follow Me, Boys!

Follow Me, Boys!

Synopsis of Movie

The always-reliable Fred MacMurray starred in Disney's Follow Me, Boys!, a comic drama about the founding of a small-town Boy Scout troop to keep the local lads on the straight and narrow. Think Boys Town with more nature hikes.

1930’s musician Lem Siddons decides to pack up his saxophone and settle down in a small Midwestern burg, hoping to eventually become a lawyer. Lem’s eye is caught by Vida Downey, a local bank teller. With Vida’s urging, Lem helps start up a new Boy Scout troop, serving as scoutmaster.

Though most of the community supports Lem and the boys, cold-hearted banker Ralph Hastings threatens to have the troop kicked out of its headquarters. But with the help of Hastings’ rich Aunt Hetty and an unswerving dedication to his boys’ futures, Lem just might be able to turn things around.

In addition to MacMurray, the film also starred Vera Miles, silent film icon Lillian Gish and a young Kurt Russell as a particularly troubled scout. Radiating an old-fashioned sentimentality, Follow Me, Boys! warmed the hearts of 60’s moviegoers and earned a healthy profit for Disney.

Movie Release History

1966 - Follow Me, Boys!

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Lemuel Siddons Fred MacMurray
Dr. Ferris Tol Avery
Vida Downey Vera Miles
Duke David Bailey
Hetty Seibert Lillian Gish
John Everett Hughes Charles Ruggles
Umpire Richard Bakalyan
Ralph Hastings Elliott Reid
Scout Sherwood Ball
Whitey Kurt Russell
Scout in War Game Johnny Bangert
Cora Anderson Madge Blake
Nora White Luana Patten
Leo Bill Booth
Melody Murphy Ken Murray

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