Free Willy

Free Willy

Synopsis of Movie

They’re a pair of misfits, bad-attitude rebels in a world that just doesn’t understand them. One’s a graffiti-spraying street punk, one’s an orca. That’s right. A killer whale. You want a piece of him?

Willy wasn’t born to be bad. He's perfectly happy kicking it in the big blue with his whale family, but when a band of cruel whale hunters capture and sell him to a marine park, Willy turns mean. Not too far from the park, young hooligan Jesse makes ends meet through stealing and begging on the street. The two bad boys’ paths collide when Jesse goes on a vandalism kick, spray-painting the viewing window on Willy’s tank. As part of his punishment, Jesse is forced to come back to the park and clean up his mess.

Meanwhile, Glen and Annie Greenwood decide to take a chance on the boy, taking him in as a foster child. Jesse doesn’t like his new home, choosing to spend more time at the park, where he and Willy develop a special bond. Seeing this, marine biologist Rae Lindley has the boy hired on as Willy’s trainer. Jesse starts to come out of his tough guy shell, and even Willy is loosening up. But when Jesse overhears a plot by ruthless park owner Dial to kill the whale for insurance money, the boy decides it’s worth breaking any rule neccessary to free Willy.

A beautifully-photographed film peppered with complex relationships (boy and whale, boy and foster parents, boy and marine biologist), Free Willy appealed to more than just the youngest tykes. Bringing in audiences of all ages, the film managed to become one of the biggest hits in a summer that included blockbusters Jurassic Park and The Fugitive, leading to two feature sequels and a cartoon series.

Movie Release History

1993 - Free Willy
1995 - Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home
1997 - Free Willy 3: The Rescue

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Movie Studio

Warner Bros.


Jesse   Jason James Richter
Rae Lindley   Lori Petty
Annie Greenwood  Jayne Atkinson
Randolph Johnson  August Schellenberg
Glen Greenwood   Michael Madsen
Dial  Michael Ironside
Wade  Richard Riehle
Dwight Mercer  Mykelti Williamson
Perry   Michael Bacall
Gwenie  Danielle Harris
Vector  Isaiah Malone
Passerby #1   Betsy Toll
Passerby #2   Bob Sample
Passerby #3  Merrilyn Jones
Waiter  Mickey Gaines
Fish Thrower  Justin R. Hall
Fish Thrower  Robert M. Duque
Fish Thrower  Sam Samson
Fish Vendor  Willis Van Dosen
Brody   Tom Lasswell
Homeless Man  Moultrie Patten
Homeless Man  Ed Murphy
Announcer  Jim Michaels
Unknown Erik L. Nelson

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