Space Jam

Space Jam

Synopsis of Movie

“I tawt I taw… I did! I did! I taw a Michael Jordan!”

Bunny…Jordan! Two titans at the top of their respective games teamed up in 1996’s Space Jam, hooping it up for the fates of Warner Bros.' most famous cartoon faces. Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan and wascally wabbit Bugs Bunny had already joined forces in a series of television commercials, and Warner Bros. decided their live-action/animated chemistry was too great to be confined to the small screen. And so, with a host of cartoon and human co-stars, the b-baller and the bunny took their game to the next level.

Set during His Airness’ baseball-playing days, the film finds Jordan pretty much happy to be retired. There’s more time to spend with the wife and kids, more time to work on his golf game, and so on. Bugs, however, has even more than his usual share of problems. A crooked outer space amusement park owner named Swackhammer has been hitting a bad streak of luck recently, and to boost attendance at Moron Mountain, he dispatches his wee henchmen, the Nerdlucks, to kidnap Bugs and the WB gang. Bugs, Daffy, Porky and the rest have no desire to spend the rest of their lives as a theme park attraction, so they work out a deal: if the Looney Tunes can beat the teeny Nerdlucks in a basketball game, the gang goes free.

Ever the cheaters, the Nerdlucks steal the skills of five pro ballers—Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Muggsy Bogues and Shawn Bradley—making them a huge, fearsome fivesome. Seemingly sunk, the Looney Tunes do the only thing that can save them: kidnap Michael Jordan.

MJ gets yanked down a rabbit hole and straight into toonland, where Bugs and company convince him to join up. But even an NBA All-Star might not be enough to whip this ragtag bunch of bunnies, ducks, pigs and Tasmanian devils into shape for the big game.

In addition to Swackhammer and the Nerdlucks, Space Jam also featured the debut of Lola Bunny, a curvaceous female rabbit with a kick-fluffy-tail attitude. Featuring hit songs like R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” and Seal’s cover of “Fly Like an Eagle,” the movie was a big hit, but Jordan decided to return to the court rather than pursue a sequel. The old gang still gets together for the occasional commercial, however, and they’ll always have the glory days.

Movie Release History

1996 - Space Jam

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Warner Bros.


Michael Jordan  Himself
Stan Podolak   Wayne Knight
Juanita Jordan   Theresa Randle
Jeffrey Jordan  Manner Washington
Marcus Jordan   Eric Gordon
Jasmine Jordan   Penny Bae Bridges
Michael Jordan at 10   Brandon Hammond
Larry Bird   Himself
Bill Murray   Himself
James Jordan   Thom Barry
Charles Barkley   Himself
Patrick Ewing   Himself
Muggsy Bogues   Himself
Larry Johnson   Himself
Shawn Bradley   Himself
Ahmad Rashad   Himself
Del Harris   Himself
Vlade Divac   Himself
Cedric Ceballos   Himself
Jim Rome   Himself
Paul Westphal   Himself
Danny Ainge   Himself
Jordan Housekeeper   Bebe Drake
Woman Fan   Patricia Heaton
Male Fan   Dan Castellaneta
Female Seer   Linda Lutz
Basketball Girl   Nicky McCrimmon
Little League Girl   Kelly Vint
Golfer   William G. Schilling
Psychiatrist Albert Hague
Doctor Michael Alaimo
NBA Referee   James O'Donnell
Charlotte Coach   David Ursin
Commissioner Douglas Robert Jackson
Alonzo Mourning   Himself
A.C. Green   Himself
Charles Oakley   Himself
Derek Harper   Himself
Jeff Malone   Himself
Anthony Miller   Himself
Sharone Wright   Himself
Umpire  Rosey Brown
Stars Catcher   Brad Henke
Owner's Girlfriend   Connie Ray
Baron's Manager   John Roselius
Barons Coach   Joe Bays
Baron's Catcher   Charles Hoyes
Player   Luke Torres
Player   Steven Shenbaum
Player  Bean Miller
Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd (voice) Billy West
Daffy Duck/Tazmanian Devil/Bull (voice) Dee Bradley Baker
Swackhammer (voice)   Danny DeVito
Bert/Herbie/Marvin the Martian/Porky Pig/Tweety (voice) Bob Bergen
Sylvester/Yosemite Sam/Foghorn Leghorn (voice)   Bill Farmer
Granny (voice)   June Foray
Pepe le Pew (voice)   Maurice LaMarche
Lola Bunny (voice)   Kath Soucie
Nerdluck Pound (voice)   Jocelyn Blue
Nerdluck Blanko (voice)   Charity James
Nerdluck Bang (voice)   June Melby
Nerdluck Bupkus (voice)   Catherine Reitman
Nerdluck Nawt/Sniffles (voice)   Colleen Wainwright
Monstar Bupkus (voice)  Dorian Harewood
Monstar Ban (voice)   Joey Camen
Monstar Nawt (voice)   T.K. Carter
Monstar Pound (voice) (as M. Darnell Suttles) Darnell Suttles Monstar Blanko/Announcer (voice)
Charles the Dog (voice)  Frank Welker
Reporter  Michael Rothhaar

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