Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Synopsis of Movie

“We do not eat family members!”

It ain’t easy being a mouse in a man’s world. It takes a special breed to measure up, but white-furred Stuart Little was a rodent with the right stuff. Adapted from the beloved E.B. White book, Stuart Little was all about family—one that just happened to have a mouse as its youngest sibling.

Mr. and Mrs. Little didn’t really mean to adopt a mouse. Young son George just wanted a “little” brother, “not big.” But when mom and dad arrive at the adoption agency, mouse Stuart is simply too adorable to pass up, especially with the voice of Michael J. Fox (Yes, the mouse talks. He also brushes his own teeth, but we’ll get to that).

Mr. and Mrs. Little see nothing unusual about bringing a tiny rodent into the family, and Stuart seems quite taken with his new home, but George is less than thrilled with his new little brother. And George’s reaction is nothing compared to that of family cat Snowbell, who can’t believe he’s now the pet of something he could eat in one bite (and believe us, he tries).

It doesn’t take much to win George over. He and Stuart do everything together, from brushing teeth to washing up to participating in a toy boat race. But Snowbell isn’t so easily swayed. Taking some tips from gangster cat Smokey and his hyperactive pal Monty, Snowbell arranges to have Stuart “taken care of.” And so begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse, giving the littlest Little a chance to prove how big he really is on the inside.

Putting a believable rodent into a live-action human family was no little feat, but the film’s effects team—headed by veteran John Dykstra—created an all-CGI Stuart convincing enough to earn an Academy Award nomination. Even more importantly, it convinced the kids, who were too absorbed in Stuart’s antics and Snowbell’s catty comments to pay any attention to technique. Audiences were completely charmed with the movie, making it one of the biggest hits of the year, and a new family classic was born.

Movie Release History

1999 - Stuart Little

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Movie Studio

Red Wagon Productions, Columbia


Stuart Little (voice) Michael J. Fox
Mrs. Little  Geena Davis
Mr. Little  Hugh Laurie
George Little   Jonathan Lipnicki
Mrs. Keeper  Julia Sweeney
Snowbell (voice) Nathan Lane
Smokey (voice) Chazz Palminteri
Monty (voice) Steve Zahn
Lucky (voice) Jim Doughan
Red (voice) David Alan Grier
Reginald Stout (voice) Bruno Kirby
Camille Stout (voice) Jennifer Tilly
Uncle Crenshaw Jeffrey Jones
Aunt Tina Connie Ray
Aunt Beatrice Allyce Beasley
Cousin Edgar  Brian Doyle-Murray
Grandma Estelle  Estelle Getty
Grandpa Spencer Harold Gould
Uncle Stretch Patrick O'Brien
Dr. Beechwood  Dabney Coleman
Anton Miles Malisco
Officer Sherman Jon Polito
Officer Allen Jim Doughan
Race Starter Joe Bays
Salesman Taylor Negron
Race Spectator Kimmy Robertson
Hot Dog Vendor Tannis Benedict
Skipper Chuck Blechen
Skipper Westleigh Michael Styer
Boat Registrar Larry Goodhue
Lucky (voice) Jim Doughan
Race Announcer (voice) Stan Freberg

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