Son of Flubber

Son of Flubber

Synopsis of Movie

“Remember, you’re in Washington. Stop worrying about money.”

Disney’s first sequel was a follow-up to 1961’s hit comedy The Absent-Minded Professor. Fred MacMurray returned as Professor Ned Brainard, as did Keenan Wynn as villain Alonzo Hawk, Tommy Kirk as Hawk’s son Biff, Nancy Olsen as the professor’s girlfriend-turned-wife Betsy, and several other cast members.

In the new film, the IRS is after revenues on the projected income from Brainard’s “flubber,” income the professor is having trouble getting since he gave his invention to the government. As a way out of his predicament, Brainard invents “Flubbergas,” a byproduct of his first creation.

As with the first film, the new invention is merely an excuse for a series of zany comedy bits. The basketball scene from the first film is replaced by a football game aided by “Flubbergas.” Sportscaster Paul Lynde can only watch, dumbfounded, as an over-inflated player literally soars over the competition. Again, Alonzo Hawk hopes to pilfer the professor’s invention, but this time son Biff is on the professor’s side.

With its wacky sight gags and the expected fine performances from MacMurray, Wynn and the rest, Son of Flubber carried on in its father’s footsteps, still entertaining kids and parents years after its original release.

Movie Release History

1961 - The Absent-Minded Professor
1963 - Son of Flubber

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Professor Ned Brainard Fred MacMurray
Betsy Brainard Nancy Olson
Alonzo Hawk Keenan Wynn
Biff Hawk Tommy Kirk
A.J. Allen Ed Wynn
Judge Murdock Charles Ruggles
President Rufus Daggett Leon Ames
Mr. Hurley Ken Murray
Mr. Hummel William Demarest
Sportscaster Paul Lynde
Shelby Ashton Elliott Reid
Mr. Harker Bob Sweeney
Desiree de la Roche Joanna Cook Moore
Defense Secretary Edward Andrews
Officer Hanson James Westerfield

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