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In the tradition of Lassie and Rusty, Shaggy was a “boy and his dog” story with a little bit of danger, a few heartbreaks and oodles of warm fuzzies. And also like The Adventures of Rusty, the film balanced the dog’s problems with those of a young boy trying to adapt to a new home situation, giving audiences two misunderstood cuties to love and worry about.

Robbie Calvin’s adorable pooch Shaggy is a swell pal, but like every good pup, he’s got a bit of mischief in him. Robbie loves Shaggy anyway, but the boy’s crotchety old neighbor doesn’t think so highly of the dog.

When the neighbor’s sheep start turning up dead, the neighbor naturally suspects Shaggy, but Robbie just knows his good ol’ dog wouldn’t do that. In the meantime, the boy also has to learn to deal with his new stepmom, Laura, who hates living in their rural community.

Shaggy’s tried-and-true formula—a good dog with a bad reputation, and the little boy who never lost faith in him—had been proven time and again, and it still worked. The film was another classic of the “falsely accused pooch” sub-genre, bringing smiles to the faces of young pet owners across the country.

Movie Release History

1948 - Shaggy

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Mac Alex Frazer
Tessie Jody Gilbert
Gonnell William Haade
Laura Calvin Brenda Joyce
Robbie Calvin Georgie Nokes
Fuzzie Ralph Sanford
Bob Calvin Robert Shayne
Joe Dan White

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