Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad the Sailor

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Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., followed in the swashbuckling footsteps of his famous father in 1947’s Sinbad the Sailor. Struggling studio RKO lavished the production with elaborate sets, dazzling Technicolor, thrilling stunts and star talent to create a rousing crowd pleaser.

The film recounts the eighth voyage of the mythical Arabian sailor, a quest to find Alexander the Great’s island treasure trove. The dashingly handsome Sinbad makes a stop in Daibul, where he falls in love with the fiery Shireen. The girl’s father, the hot-tempered Emir of Daibul, disapproves of the match and tries to kill his daughter’s suitor.

The beauty convinces her father to spare Sinbad’s life, and the three team up with a shady Mongolian sailor named Melik to sail in search of the treasure. Out on sea, Sinbad learns the true nature of his traveling companions and the real swordplay begins.

Making the most of its high budget, Sinbad the Sailor wowed audiences hungry for old-fashioned escapist entertainment. A financial success, the movie helped keep RKO afloat and paved the way for a string of Sinbad films in later decades.

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1947 - Sinbad the Sailor

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Sinbad Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Shireen Maureen O'Hara
Melik Walter Slezak
Emir Anthony Quinn
Abbu George Tobias
Pirouze Jane Greer
Yusuf Mike Mazurki
Auctioneer Sheldon Leonard
Aga Alan Napier
Moga John Miljan
Muallin Brad Dexter

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