The Strongest Man in the World

The Strongest Man in the World

Synopsis of Movie

That wacky Dexter Riley was back to his old shenanigans in 1975’s The Strongest Man in the World. The Kurt Russell character had already made life hectic for Medfield College’s Dean Higgins in 1970’s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and 1972’s Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, and this film completed the trilogy of sci-fi hijinx.

This time around, budding scientist Dexter concocts a strength-enhancing mix as a chemistry project. Meanwhile, another student is working on a vitamin-fortified cereal. After a little mix-up involving an unsuspecting cow, Dexter discovers that the two projects mixed together give the partaker a brief burst of superhuman strength.

With Medfield in dire financial straits, Dean Higgins sells the cereal to the number-two breakfast food company, not knowing about Dexter’s secret ingredient. When word gets out about Dexter’s superpowered elixir, a host of villains try to get their hands on it. Everything comes to a head at a weightlifting competition sponsored by the flashy number-one cereal manufacturer, with Dexter as Medfield’s entrant.

The supporting ensemble included Eve Arden, Phil Silvers, Richard Bakalyan, Dick Van Patten and Cesar Romero as the scheming A.J. Arno (the same role he played in the first two Dexer Riley films). Sadly, this was the final film for Joe Flynn, a veteran of television (McHale’s Navy, Ozzie and Harriet) and film (The Love Bug, The Barefoot Executive). The talented funnyman passed away shortly after The Strongest Man in the World finished filming.

Movie Release History

1970 - The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
1972 - Now You See Him, Now You Don't
1975 - The Strongest Man in the World

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Dexter Riley Kurt Russell
Dean Higgins Joe Flynn
Harriet Eve Arden
A.J. Arno Cesar Romero
Krinkle Phil Silvers
Harry Dick Van Patten
Dietz Harold Gould
Shuyler Michael McGreevey
Cookie Richard Bakalyan
Professor Quigley William Schallert
Ah Fong Benson Fong
Chief Blair James Gregory
Debbie (Student) Anne T. Marshall
Gilbert (Student) Don Carter
Cris (Student) Christina Anderson

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