Knitted clothes

For most my childhood i was haunted by knitted items. It seemed the war overlapped into my life 50 years on. Can you beleive that at our infants school, for drama and PE (Pyhsical Education) parents were asked to Knit leaotards for the girls and shorts for the boys. Well apart from the fact that if you didnt have a rash you soon did and the class looked like a room of flee bitten dogs and cats scratching away, before long the things were falling off.

Knitted clothes

Unfashionable Knitted clothes

Then on your summer holidays you foe some reason were a magnet for all the long lost relatives that turned up with there previous knitting from the last year, with amazing patterns that were certainly unique and itchy.


After moaning before you knew it the relatives wanted you to join them. It starts of as croacheing and french Knitting and before you know it you’re being explained the method by which thread or yarn may be turned into cloth. and how active stitches are held on a needle until another loop can be passed through them.

I must say that the shops like Primark came to the rescue a little too late for my generation, though that could sound politically incorrect and so i won’t go any further.

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