Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets

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The social pressures on the young are almost unbearable. One day your best friend is Sam, but by lunch, Sam's best friend isn't you, but Kelly, and when you go to Kelly to ask why she took away your best friend, she tells you she really likes your bracelet, and if you give it to her, she'll be your best friend forever and ever...or at least until a better bracelet comes along. Best friends come and go according to childish whims, and so the best way to keep track was via tokens of friendship that represented your special connection.

Best friends were all the rage, and the best way to advertise social prowess was through friendship bracelets, a braided thread bracelet that tied around the wrist as a symbol of your friendship with another. An at-home (or on the bus, or in history class) craft, several different colored strands of embroidery thread were braided into a colorful band. Girls especially savvy in the art of weaving could create colorful designs and even personalized messages.

The bracelets were a way to barter for friendship and engage in social interaction: everyone wanted a unique and special bracelet to add to the growing collection on their arm. Much like the rubber bracelet phase, dozens were worn at the same time. The bracelets were traded much like baseball cards, stickers, or even Pokémon cards—you tried to pawn of the ones you didn’t want on someone who thought they were cool. Best friends could be soooo conniving…

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