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Zorries, thongs (long before the underwear), slippahs, shower shoes… Feet broke free of the sock, and toes slipped into the flip-flop. An Americanized version of Japanese zori sandals, flip-flops ruled the beach in the 70’s.

These foam rubber boards were like walking on a tiny life raft attached to your feet. They came in fashion colors with a waffle-weave bottom and a rainbow striped side. With each and every step, as your heel lifted, the shoe smacked back onto your foot, creating a sound very much like ‘flip-flop.’

They looked great on the sand, but such coolness didn’t come without a price. The little corded ‘thong’ toe strip would rub between your toes and hurt like the dickens until you built up a thick patch of skin that allowed you to wear the flip-flops every day, all day long, all summer long.

Flip-flops weren’t just for surfers: while girlie girls wore the Dr. Scholl wooden clog, tomboys, surfer girls and all the boys preferred the flip-flop fashion. They were for hanging out at the ballpark, or cruising on your Huffy. Just please, whatever you do, never ever ever wear socks with flip-flops. Trust us on this one.

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