Ferrari sunglasses

Ferrari sunglasses

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If you couldn’t afford to zip around at lightning speed in your Ferrari Testarossa like Sonny Crocket on Miami Vice, you could still look cool by sporting your ultra-sleek Ferrari sunglasses.

These collapsible sunglasses were jointed and bendable, ready to fold up into a small oval-sized carrying case. How’s that for cool? No surfer-style neoprene straps (think Oakley) needed to hang around your neck when you went inside, and you certainly weren't going to put them on top of your head like girls did. No, the Ferrari sunglasses made cool both portable and pocket-sized.

And just in case people didn't understand how slick you and your glasses were, the ‘Ferrari’ name was embossed across the oversized, mirrored lens. That would get their attention. In an age of Transformers toys, the novelty of combining image with an adult-style toy was too great to resist. Boys who put their toys away still needed to feel cool, and the Ferrari shades did the trick.

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