Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves

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Girls had lace, boys had leather, but neither had fingers. No longer for bums anymore, fingerless gloves were the super-cool street style of the 80's. There was the cut-off style where only the fingertips were gone, or the complete ‘fingerless’ style where the glove ended at the knuckle line, leaving your fingers free from constriction. Whatever the style, you weren't really 80's cool without a pair of fingerless gloves.

Madonna inspired the street-sexy style with dainty lace in fashion colors. Lacy gloves were a popular burlesque accessory at the beginning of the century, but it was Madonna who brought them back as sassy instead of shocking. White lace, black lace… sure, we'd seen it before. But what about hot pink, neon green, and fluorescent yellow? Short, long, two colors worn one over the other—there were no limits to the allure of lace gloves when you were a material girl.

Boys had their own version of fingerless gloves that conveyed power, strength, and street cred. Breakdancers used cutoff leather gloves for protection as they rotated on their hands, allowing them to still maintain a grip when waving across the floor as 'the worm.' Metalhead rockers donned black leather driving style gloves that made their hands look really awesome during their lightning fast riffs.

A little bit of function, a whole lot of fashion, fingerless gloves got a grip on style.

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