Fisherman's caps

Fisherman's caps

Fashion Synopsis

When John Lennon sported a jaunty fisherman’s cap in the Beatles' breakthrough mod movie, A Hard Day’s Night, the mods had their first fab headwear (besides their scooter helmet, of course).

Much like a Greek fisherman’s cap, this plain style was another fashionable item in the string of ethnic looks that were becoming more stylish as the decade wore on. Featuring a soft circular crown with a short brim, some crowns snapped to the brim to alter the shape of the cap. The soft-brim cap became the look of the fanciful mod-styled men. Girls even had their own versions of the fisherman’s cap, but the crown was bigger, more like a bubble.

The primo ethnic-styled fisherman’s caps were purchased from Mary Quant's mod boutique, Bazaar. This reigning queen of mod fashion found the perfect crown to honor her loyal subjects with. This simple fisherman style would eventually expand and grow over the top until it would become the funkified apple cap of 70's soul society.

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