Flip (hair)

Flip (hair)

Fashion Synopsis

That girl had the coolest hair of the 60’s. Who? You know, That Girl! She was Ann Marie, the girl with the greatest brunette flip of all of television time. Marlo Thomas’ freewheeling gal on the hit sitcom That Girl turned the sassy lass and her trademark flip into an icon of the 60’s.

The flip was one of the easiest hairstyles of the 60’s, needing nothing more than hair of ample length and a few curlers. Tease the crown, smooth the hair straight back over the teased mass to create a slight bubble top, then brush straight down until the ends flipped back up in jaunty defiance.

The trick to the flip was to get the bouncy, curled ends neatly balanced—the flip had to look like one giant smooth wave from side to side. A headband was a favorite accessory, or ladies with bangs might prefer to push them to one side, gently grazing the eye. Needing just a little teasing and a quick curling, the cute as can be flip epitomized the carefree style of the 60’s liberated woman.

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