Aqua Velva

Aqua Velva

Fashion Synopsis

“There’s something about an Aqua Velva man…”

What is it? No one has ever been able to capture the allure behind a man that smells fresh and clean, but countless men’s fragrances have certainly tried. Aqua Velva was a fragrance for the debonair fellow—younger than the Old Spice mariner, tamer than the Brut babe, and sportier than the Canoe cad.

That allure was not lost on the young boys as they started to notice that girls weren’t so icky after all. After countless days of watching Dad dash the blue liquid in his palms, rub them together and give his cheeks a hearty slap, you couldn’t wait to experience the ice-blue Aqua Velva feel.

A refreshing blue toner that smacked your face in the morning, and sealed a smooth complexion, Aqua Velva initiated boys into the role of pubescent grooming. Boys copied Dad as best they could, slapping a dash into their palms and patting their too-young-to-shave faces. And if, perchance, you were left alone long enough to try out the razor on your peach-fuzz cheeks, beware the stinging sensation behind the Aqua Velva mystique. Dad never seemed to wince when he splashed on the ice-blue cool.

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