Angel sleevess

Angel sleevess

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Every little kid dreams of flying: boys get to tie sheets around their necks in their best imitation of Superman, but girls were usually anchored to the ground for lack of any aerodynamic superhero role model (even Wonder Woman had to take a plane, albeit a very cool invisible one, to get from A to B). But then came angel wings, and girls got a chance to fly.

Girls have always found fantasy in dressing up. From the wobbly days of prancing around in Mom's too-big high heels, or trying on that first swipe of lipstick, nothing made ascension seem so real as the transcendental trip of flowing chiffon. Chiffon was light, sexy, airy...pair that with wide sweeps of sleeves that drifted with the slightest gust of wind, and flight seemed more feasible than any old sheet tied around the neck.

The flower children hippies of the 60’s let go of convention and shrouded themselves in soft and fluid fabrics when they adopted the gypsy style wardrobe. Angel (or bell) sleeves—think bellbottoms for sleeves—dripped from the arms and sailed in the wind. Layers of chiffon, lace and macramé streamed off of shoulders, winglike, nearly touching the ground.

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac popularized the fanciful trend when she brought gypsy chic to the stage, and her fans followed. So go ahead, spread those chiffon angel wings and take off on a fantastical flight to the land of the fairies. Must have been heaven sent.

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