Air Jordans

Air Jordans

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Basketball giant Michael Jordan made history with his superhuman ability to ‘catch air,’ jumping higher than what seemed possible. But #23 topped even that feat in 1985 when he became the frontman for the crown prince of athletic shoe endorsements, Nike’s Air Jordan line. His Airness was only a rookie that year, but the shoe he helped design would go on to have a history almost as storied as that of the man himself.

The Chicago Bull's superstar cult-like status among youths guaranteed a winning strategy for both the shoemaker and the star. Jordan’s popularity helped to propel the sport of basketball into fanaticism, and everywhere Michael was, Nikes were on his feet. The shoe giant manufactured a pair of black, white and red hi-tops for the sports star, borrowing his nickname ‘Air Jordan’ for the style name.

The high-flying shoes were illegal in the NBA because of their black details (black was not allowed on the court), and Jordan was fined $1000 every time he wore the shoes. Undeterred, the sneaks remained on his feet game after game. In support of Jordan, Air Jordan Nikes were on the feet of all the fans. Everyone hoped that with Air Jordans on their feet, they too could fly to the sky or at least be first pick at the next NBA draft.

Air Jordans initiated the flight of technologically advanced performance sneakers. The cost of sneakers reached the level of house payments, and violence spread across the land as kids unable to afford the trendy, $100-plus shoe stole sneakers off the feet of other kids and fueled the mania for label lust in pre-teens.

New models of Air Jordans appeared every year, as Michael’s star rose on the strength of multiple scoring titles, MVP awards, and NBA Championship rings. Jordan retired after the 1997-98 season (and another ring), but the Air Jordan line didn’t feel the retirement bug as keenly. In fact, it even expanded, as Jordan’s freed-up schedule left plenty of time for business. Michael Jordan currently has a complete line of apparel and shoes marketed under Nike’s Jordan Brand, marketed by a “Team Jordan” of other superstar athletes and still coveted by Air wannabes everywhere.

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1985 - Air Jordan

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