Air brush

Air brush

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Palm trees, flamingos, unicorns, hearts, and slogans of love…air brush designs became the hottest art form of the 80’s. A little paint, an air hose and nozzle, and a steady hand was all that was needed to create a masterpiece of painted perfection.

The art of air brush was exactly that: a way of painting with air. An air compressor forced air through a tube, which was attached to a bottle that held the paint and a thinning mixture. The paint came out light as air, directed onto a surface—usually a t-shirt—to paint a picture in a few moments.

Air brush had a slightly blurry look, as the colors were almost transparent before they blended with the next color, and then the next. Names and pictures on t-shirts, license plates, the back of a denim jacket...nothing could be saved from the blast of air and a fine mist of paint.

Class of '84 RULES!

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