Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In the ongoing debate over who is the most beloved and best-remembered cowboy star of the 50's, Hopalong Cassidy is a very strong contender. Dressed in black atop a white horse named Topper, "Hoppy" enjoyed remarkable success in book, film, and television form.

The character was originally based on the hero of Clarence E. Mulford's Western adventure series. As Bill Boyd played him, however, Hoppy was much kinder and cleaner than fans of the books remembered. He was also an international hit. Once a silent movie actor under contract to Cecil B. DeMille, Boyd now found himself the star of 66 Hopalong movies.

In 1948, Boyd shrewdly acquired the television rights to the films, editing them into 30 and 60-minute segments. The television audience embraced the cowboy hero as moviegoers had done, and the segments became such a hit that Boyd filmed an additional 52 episodes.

Hopalong Cassidy is particularly remembered, however, for its astounding success with merchandising. Hoppy outfits, wallpaper, roller skates (with spurs!), and the usual lunchboxes and thermoses flooded the market and were bought up in remarkable numbers.

But perhaps the most popular aspect of the show was Bill Boyd himself. Though Hopalong had eleven sidekicks throughout his years on TV and film, Boyd as Hoppy never changed. Never in Hollywood history has one man played the same character for so many filmed installments. In the crowded world of cowboy heroes, Hopalong Cassidy wins at least that distinction.

Release History

1949 - 1951 NBC
1952 syndicated

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TV Studio

Terrytoons, Filmation

Television Cast

Hopalong Cassidy William Boyd
Red Connors Edgar Buchanan

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