Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold!

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Hey Arnold! showed us that having a football-shaped head is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the struggles of being an orphaned fourth grader.

The title star of Hey Arnold! was an unkempt, wise-beyond-his-years blonde boy. Arnold’s guardians were his senile Grandfather and his Grandmother, a former librarian with an active imagination. The family of three lived in the grandparents' urban boarding house, along with a cast of odd grown-ups who often acted more like children than adults.

Arnold was just like any other kid growing up in the city, assuming those kids also had a room operated by a remote-control and a pet pig. He liked to hang out with friends, play stickball with kids from the neighborhood, and get into trouble–like when he and his best friend Gerald accidentally wound up downtown, DRESSED AS FRUIT! Gerald was remarkably cool, calm, and collected for a ten year-old. Arnold’s other friend (and sometimes enemy) was Helga, a thick-skinned girl who both hated Arnold and loved him.

Along with Phoebe, Brainy, and resident jinx Eugene, this amusing group of fourth-graders had what it took to survive life in the big city. They even managed to survive the rigors of a regular television series, as Hey Arnold! became yet another successful "Nicktoon."

Release History

10/7/96 Nickelodeon

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TV Studio

Games Animation

Television Cast

Arnold (1996-97) Toran Caudell
Arnold (1997-present) Phillip Van Dyke
Gerald Johnson Jamil Walker Smith
Helga Pataki Francesca Smith
Sheena Francesca Smith
Gloria Francesca Smith
Sid Sam Gifaldi
Harold Berman Justin Shenkarow
Nadine Lauren Robinson
Phoebe Heyerdahl Anndi McAfee
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Olivia Hack
Ruth P. McDougal Lacey Chabert
Brainy Craig Bartlett
'Big Bob' Pataki Maurice LaMarche
Ernie Potts Dom Irrera
Oskar Kokoshka Steve Viksten
Granma Tress MacNeille
Miss Slovak Tress MacNeille

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