Happening '68

Happening '68

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Imitating his earlier show, Where the Action Is, Dick Clark again employed Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere, both of Paul Revere and the Raiders, to host this daytime variety show. Premiering first as a Saturday show, it was eventually broadcast on weekdays as well, where the title was changed to It’s Happening.

The show mainly consisted of rock performances, but the weekday format also included gossip from Kathy Orloff and a segment called “Style Faire,” hosted by model Keith Rogers. The first show, on July 15, 1968, featured such high-profile guests as Joey Bishop, Regis Philbin, Don Adams, and Don Rickles.

Despite its credentials, the show was no match in the ratings for As The World Turns on CBS. The show was also temporarily taken off the air in the fall of ’68 to make room for NCAA Football. In 1969, it returned to Saturdays and followed American Bandstand.

Release History

1/6/68 - 9/20/69 ABC

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Television Cast

Paul Revere Himself
Mark Lindsay Himself
Kathy Orloff Herself
Keith Rogers Himself

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