Mood rings

Mood rings

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Feeling grouchy, angry, happy, sad or just plain passionate? Are you green, red, grey, blue or black? Let the mood ring reveal your true feelings.

Better than wearing your heart on your sleeve, the miraculous mood ring changed color to fit your moods. Created in 1975 by Joshua Reynolds, the mood ring capitalized on the new spiritual craze embraced by the hippies. The 60’s had ushered in the Age of Aquarius, and everyone was seeking an understanding of themselves and the universe. In this age of awareness, the mood ring helped to demystify emotions.

The mood ring wasn’t really magic, and while it might not have really been able to tell you your ‘mood,’ it could tell you what the temperature was. Trapped inside that metal casing were heat-sensitive liquid crystals, which reacted to changes in temperature. The substance of a mood ring would adjust according to your body temperature, so when colors shifted, it probably wasn’t because your mood did, but because the temperature around the ring did.

It’s human nature to try to reveal or predict what people are really feeling, and the mood ring was a little bit of fortune telling power for free. The crystal ball for the finger became the biggest rage. Just don't try to boil or freeze your ring, or you'll be trapped in a permanent state of black...and that just can't be good.

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