Metalhead hair

Metalhead hair

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Heavy metal music took over the airwaves in the late 80’s, and teenage boys everywhere wanted to emulate the long, shaggy look of their favorite musicians. An instant symbol of teenage rebellion, metalhead hair followed in the long, mop-top mod and shaggy, hippie hair footsteps.

Whether curly, wavy or stick-straight, metal hair of the 80’s had to have some form of bangs (the better to cover the eyes as the head banged back and forth to the hard driving beat of guitars). Rough bands like Motorhead and AC/DC let their locks go free, straggly and stringy—their hair was in-your-face rebellion.

On the more glammed-up end of the spectrum, pretty boy ‘hair bands’ like Poison, Cinderella, and Mötely Crüe were known for their dos and took extreme care with their hair. Styled with hairsprays and gels, highlighted and teased, their coifs topped off their radical looks.

The coming of Nirvana and the grunge scene in the early 90’s put a damper on the long-haired 80’s rockers, but don’t be surprised when those long locks make a mainstream comeback. Rebellion and rock music go hand in hand, and hair is always the crowning glory.

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