Mini Mist Instant Shampoo

Mini Mist Instant Shampoo

Fashion Synopsis

“When he calls at the last minute and you don’t have time to wash your hair, don’t panic.”

Spray hair with a fine mist of Mini Mist and in a matter of minutes, your clean and beautiful hair will trap him in your spell. Traditionally, hair care was a laborious task, and long locks needed time to look their best. But not anymore: with shampoo in a can, no longer would ‘I have to wash my hair’ ruin your fun and keep you locked inside for the evening.

Dry shampoos had been around for ages, but the new aerosol spray of Mini Mist made it convenient and neat—no more messy powders leaving residue behind. A quick spray, a short wait, and a brush through removed all the nastiness of dirty hair. Mini Mist was freedom and foxiness in a can!

But sorry ladies, although you might be able to wash that man right out of your hair, Mini Mist never made that guarantee.

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