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America’s love of convenience—especially things from aerosol cans—was proved once more in the miraculous new hair product named mousse. Mousse did for hair what Cheez-Whiz did for dinner parties decades before: the ease of the spray can freed women from countless hours of old-fashioned preparation. With the new foamy, ultra-hold mousse, curling, teasing and hairspraying would be a thing of the past.

Mousse, named after the lighter-than-air French dessert, was a cloudlike foam that helped to give body and bounce to boring hair. Mousse revolutionized hair care: no longer was sticky hairspray or gel your only option to tame terrible tresses. Where hairspray shellacked and gel plastered, mousse lifted even the longest locks to weightless wonders.

Mousse coated the hair much like gel, but because of mousse’s weightless quality, mousse helped to shape and infused bounce instead of weighing down the hair follicle. Big hair got a helping hand when mousse hit the market. Coupled with teasing and hairspray, big hair never looked better.

While the product did offer benefits, the miracle of the mousse craze died by the 90's as women returned to hairspray and rollers and a whole new line of technologically advanced hair care products.

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