No Fear

No Fear

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No Fear. Live your dreams.

The late 80’s and early 90’s were all about mantras. Nike had “Just Do It,” Reebok reminded us “Life Is Short. Play Hard,” and then came the aggressive “No Fear” directive.

The 90’s fixation on extreme sports pushed both physical and mental limits, and fear had no place when you were cruising 60 miles an hour, dodging trees, strapped to a snowboard. Or what about pogo-ing on the front tire of your BMX while balanced on a half-pipe rim? At times like these, just doing it wasn’t enough. Being fearless was the only option for a true master of the soul.

The minds behind the 80’s optimistic “Life’s a Beach” phenomenon ushered in the 90’s with a new aggressive take on the world. No Fear Inc. was born when the ‘No Fear’ logo found its way onto what the company calls ‘motivational’ t-shirts. Motivate it did. Armed with a t-shirt slogan like that, why, even the kid sitting on the couch with his hand in a bag of Doritos could go hit the streets and participate in the active lifestyle, living his fearless dreams. No Fear was splashed across t-shirts, baseball caps, stickers for cars, and eventually an entire line of extreme sportswear.

Do it, but just do it with no fear.

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