Name plate necklaces

Name plate necklaces

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Angela…the gold cursive script dangled from a dainty gold chain and nestled in the tanned hollow between her collar bones. Christy…the letters sparkled in the bright rays of the sun, shining like the blonde highlights in her Farrah Fawcett wings. Stephanie…I’m going to ask her out to the KISS concert and hope she wears her red sequin tube top and so-tight-she-can’t-breathe Sergio Valente jeans. Yowza!

Punks had dog collars, war veterans had dog tags, and teenage girls had nameplates. In a time when wearing someone else's name splashed across the back of your designer jeans was the height of fashion, the nameplate celebrated your own identity. Nothing said it quite like your name (or your name and your boyfriend's name together), dangling in gold cursive script against your neck.

People traded in the protest signs of the 60’s for a more subtle approach to get their feelings across. The 70’s marked a time when everything was personalized: iron-on decals graced t-shirts, bumper stickers shouted slogans, ID bracelets signified ownership, and name-plate jewelry marketed the individual.

This positive ego-trip made a brief comeback in the late 90’s when 70’s fashion turned retro and nameplates graced the necks of indie actress Chloe Sevigny and pop icons Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Shirley Manson of Garbage.

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