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“Who wears shorts shorts?
If you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts…”

The stinky cream with the miracle results, Nair guaranteed a nick-free summer. In the long-legged days of summer, shaving every day was such a drag. But moan and groan no more. With Nair, just slather it on, wait for ten minutes, and wash off.

A depilatory cream that chemically lifted hair root from the follicle, Nair was an ingenious invention. Almost too good to be true, Nair did a pretty good job of dissolving that hair. How? We don’t know, and we’re too afraid to ask. But damned if you didn’t look good in a pair of shorts!

And if you didn’t believe it, and weren’t ready to put down the Flicker razor, you just had to watch the commercial: a string of gorgeous girls in short shorts and super-smooth legs, prancing along on the beach to that catchy rendition of Royal Teens’ “Short Shorts.”

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