Nehru jacket

Nehru jacket

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Nothing said ‘mod’ more than the high-standing band collar of the Nehru jacket. The 60’s interest in world affairs and ethnic cultures broadened the horizons of the fashion world, opening the way for the ‘collarless’ jacket worn by Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. After an appearance on the pages of Vogue, this exotic new look was quickly adopted by the Beatles for their Yellow Submarine days, and it influenced a new wave of romantic ethnicity.

The Nehru was a slim-fit, hip-length jacket with a distinctive banded collar instead of the traditional lapel. The Nehru jacket maintained the fitted tailoring that was necessary for mod wear, but gave the conservative jacket a new, ethnic flavor. Mods were the most visible adopters of the style, but the Nehru was even worn by the likes of more conventional citizens Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis Jr. Plus, it had a very cool name.

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