Joya's Fun School

Joya's Fun School

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

For every kid who thought that “fun school” was an oxymoron, Joya Sherrill begged to differ. As the host of Joya’s Fun School, Ms. Sherrill entertained and educated her young viewers with stories, songs, puppets, art and more.

Produced and aired locally by New York’s WPIX-TV, Joya’s Fun School ran on Fridays during the same morning time slot as WPIX’s Monday-Thursday favorite, The Magic Garden. Originally titled Time For Joya, the show featured a multi-talented African-American cast along with a few comic relief puppets.

Joya herself acted as the show’s host, guiding children into a world of artistic creativity. During the show, kids were treated to piano numbers from “The Professor,” who was really award-winning Broadway composer/conductor Luther Henderson. Another regular was Mr. BB, a skilled performer who regaled the home audience with stories, puppets and quick-draw cartoons (entire scenes drawn in a matter of minutes).

Of the puppet cast, the most memorable character was Seymour the Bookworm, a loveable scamp with a knack for making trouble (but not too much for Joya and company to handle).

Though the show only reached New York and the surrounding regions, Joya’s Fun School ran for twelve years, becoming an icon of local kids’ programming. An entire generation of New York youngsters got their first taste of education from Joya and her friends, leaving an enduring impression that school really could (and should) be fun.

Release History

5/70 - 12/82 WPIX, NY

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Joya Sherrill Herself
The Professor Luther Henderson
Mr. BB Brumsic Brandon
Seymour the Bookworm Brumsic Brandon

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