James Bond Jr.

James Bond Jr.

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

What do you get when you take one suave British spy and subtract the shaken-not-stirred martinis and sultry ladies with double entendre names? G-rated James Bond Jr., that's who.

It made sense, some 40 years after Ian Fleming created his famous secret agent 007, that there would be a new generation of super sleuths. Keeping it in the family, Murikami-Wolf-Swenson Productions created James Bond Jr., an animated series starring 007’s nephew.

Blessed with the same charm, good looks, and brains as his uncle, 17-year-old James Bond Jr. trained to follow in 007's footsteps by enrolling at the prestigious Warfield Academy, a sort of finishing school for future secret agents. Boarding at the same institution were offspring of some of his uncle’s cohorts, like I.Q. (son of gadget supplier Q) and surfer Gordo Leiter (son of the CIA’s Felix Leiter).

Young Bond, with some assistance from his friends, would use his wits, mind, and high-tech gadgetry to disarm and destroy various villains, criminals, and not-so-nice guys. Most of whom were somehow associated with S.C.U.M. (Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem), a ruthless criminal organization. Our juvenile secret agent usually encountered these miscreants while on school trips.

The stories on James Bond Jr. were similar to the Bond films, opening with a thrilling teaser to rope the viewer in before getting on with the opening credits. Although the series didn’t perform to expectations, it spawned a successful line of toys for Hasbro, which continued long after the demise of the adolescent super spy.

Release History

1991 - 1992 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Murikami-Wolf-Swenson, MGM, United Artists Television

Television Cast

James Bond Jr Corey Burton
I.Q Jeff Bennett
Knick Knack Jeff Bennett
Princess Yasmine Cheryl Bernstein
Voices Julian Holloway
Voices Mona Marshall
Voices Brian Mitchell
Voices Jean Rabson
Voices Susan Silo
Voices Simon Templeman
Voices Aride Talent
Voices Michael Gough

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