Journey To The Center of the Earth

Journey To The Center of the Earth

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Inspired more by the movie of the same name than the Jules Verne novel, this cartoon chronicled the adventures of Professor Lindenbrook and his companions on their adventure to find out what lay at the center of the earth. Along for the ride were the professor's niece Cindy, her school friend Alec McEwen, and their guide Lars. Cindy brought along her pet duck Gertrude for comic relief.

As if the earth's core weren't dangerous enough, the team was constantly put in peril by the villainous Count Saccnusson and his goon Torg. Presumably, the Count wanted to reach the center before the Professor, although what either of them expected to find there was never revealed.

This series was a natural for animation, since the writers were able to invent a limitless array of strange creatures and beings who inhabited the planet's inner depths.

Journey to the Center of the Earth ran for 17 cliffhanging episodes, which were rebroadcast in the show's second season.

Release History

9/9/67 - 8/30/69 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Professor Lindenbrook Ted Knight
Cindy Lindenbrook Jane Webb
Alec McEwen Pat Harrington Jr.
Lars Pat Harrington Jr.
Count Saknussen Ted Knight
Torg Pat Harrington Jr.

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