Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Synopsis of TV Show

This series was an autobiographical venture on the part of its creator, Gary David Goldberg. His alter ego on the show was Alan Silver, a 14-year old Jewish boy coming of age in 1956. George was his postal-worker father, Phyllis his homemaker mom, and Nathaniel his little brother. They all lived in an apartment in the same building as Alan’s maternal grandparents, Jules and Sophie Berger. Sophie was the kind of grand matriarch figure who lorded over them all.

Outside the home, Alan had a multi-ethnic collection of friends in Nicholas, Benny and Warren. Alan also had a girlfriend in Katie Monahan, and the fact that she was Catholic drove Sophie nuts.

The show was fondly received by critics for combining strong writing and performances (Marion Ross' work as Sophie was a particular critical favorite) with an unerring sense of period detail. Since Goldberg was drawing off his 50’s New York childhood, he was able to pack the show’s setting and stories with time-specific details like vintage rock and roll music and radio coverage of Dodger games (provided by Vin Scully, a real Dodgers announcer).

The show won several awards during its two year run from sources as diverse as the American Society of Cinematographers, the Golden Globes, the Human Family Educational & Cultural Institute, and the Viewers For Quality Television Awards, but audience support was a little harder to come by. A devoted fan base absolutely adored the show, but Brooklyn Bridge was never able to attract the wide audience of more mainstream nostalgic fare like Happy Days and The Wonder Years.

The show ended its run in August of 1993, but those still-devoted fans have been able to catch the occasional rerun in syndication.

Release History of Prime Time Show

9/20/91 - 11/14/92 CBS
4/10/93 - 4/24/93 CBS
7/16/93 - 8/6/93 CBS

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TV Cast

Alan Silver Danny Gerard
Sophie Berger Marion Ross
Jules Berger Louis Zorich
Phyllis Berger Silver Amy Aquino
George Silver Peter Friedman
Nathaniel Silver Matthew Louis Siegel
Nicholas Scamperelli Adam Lavorgna
Katie Monahan Jenny Lewis
Benny Belinsky Jake Jondeff
Warren Butcher Aeryk Egan
Sid Elgart David Wohl

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