Baby Makes Five

Baby Makes Five

Synopsis of TV Show

In the year between the cancellation of Bosom Buddies and his debut on Newhart, Peter Scolari starred in the short-lived sitcom Baby Makes Five. The title referred to the fact that Peter’s character, Eddie Riddle, and his wife Jennie had just welcomed twins into their young family, which already consisted of three kids named Michael, Laura and Annie (played by Brandy Gold, sister to TV sitcom stars Missy and Tracey). Adding to the family chaos was the presence of Eddie and Jennie's mothers, Blanche and Edna.

The sitcom only lasted one month on ABC, but Scolari soon found another role in a sitcom that would prove to last longer, as pompous yuppie Michael Harris in Newhart.

Release History of Prime Time Show

4/1/83 - 4/29/83 ABC

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TV Cast

Eddie Riddle Peter Scolari
Jennie Riddle Louise Williams
Blanche Janis Paige
Edna Kearney Priscilla Morrill
Michael Riddle Andre Gower
Laura Riddle Emily Moultrie
Annie Riddle Brandy Gold

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