The Bob Cummings Show

The Bob Cummings Show

Synopsis of TV Show

This was Bob Cummings’ short-lived follow-up to his previous hit show, Love That Bob. It allowed Cummings the chance to indulge his real-life love of airplanes by playing charter pilot Bob Carson. Bob piloted a lavish two-engine plane for his assignments, and for missions close to home, he piloted a unique “aerocar,” a small single-engine plane that functioned as a car when its detachable wing was removed.

Bob’s credo was to take any mission as long as it wasn’t “illegal, immoral, or underpaid.” Bob also fancied himself to be something of a detective and frequently pursued this hobby alongside his piloting work. In both pursuits he was aided by Lionel, his assistant and bodyguard. The star also occasionally got some unwanted help from Hank, the tomboy daughter of the airstrip owner, who always wanted in on his missions.

Despite the long-running success of Cummings’ previous show, he had difficulty competing against his show’s time-slot rival, the ever-popular Dr. Kildare. It was cancelled at the beginning of March in 1962. Cummings went on to star in several films and another television show, My Living Doll.

Release History of Prime Time Show

10/5/61 - 3/1/62 CBS

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Revue Studios

TV Cast

Bob Carson Robert Cummings
Lionel Murvyn Vye
Hank Gogerty Roberta Shore

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