Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Synopsis of TV Show

Joey Lawrence had become something of a teen idol as Joey Russo on Blossom, so it was a natural progression for him to get his own show after that sitcom ended its run. Just the same, Brotherly Love wasn’t your average star vehicle. It was a true-to-life family affair because Joey co-starred with his real-life brothers Matt and Andrew.

Joey starred as Joe Roman, a 20-year old loner who returned to his recently-deceased father’s home to claim his share of the family estate. As it turned out, this estate consisted primarily of a car customizing business that his father owned. His stepmother Claire was struggling to keep it alive while also trying to handle her two sons, pre-teen Matt and young Andrew. Joe decided to stick around and help Claire get the business back on its feet. At the same time, he also became a father figure to the impressionable Andrew and also tried to guide the often-rebellious Matt through the turmoil of his teen years.

Brotherly Love ran for two seasons on two different networks (NBC and WB), ending its run in May of 1997 after 40 episodes. But never fear, Joey-philes: all the Lawrence brothers continue to act in films and on television.

Release History of Prime Time Show

9/16/95 - 4/1/96 NBC
8/11/96 - 6/2/97 WB

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Television Network


Television Studio

Witt/Thomas Productions, Buena Vista Television

TV Cast

Joe Roman Joey Lawrence
Claire Roman Melinda Culea
Andy Roman Andrew Lawrence
Matt Roman Matthew Lawrence
Lloyd Burwell Michael McShane
Lou Davis Liz Vassey

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