The Rocket Man

The Rocket Man

Synopsis of Movie

In the days before zero-tolerance policies and school shootings, kids were allowed to bring truth-telling alien rayguns to school anytime they could get their hands on one. Little orphaned boy Timmy was one of the lucky ones who did, and his raygun adventures were chronicled in the 1954 film The Rocket Man.

Timmy receives the gun as a Christmas present, little knowing it was delivered by an outer space visitor. The orphaned waif assumes, like everyone else, that the gun is merely a toy, but he soon discovers its power to make anyone tell the truth.

Sweet-hearted soul that he is, little Timmy uses his new powers for good, setting out to foil the plot of crooked politician Big Bill Watkins to shut down the orphanage. In the meantime, Timmy’s gun helps nice young folks Tom Baxter and June Brown discover and develop their mutual attraction.

Low-budget and campy, The Rocket Man starred B-movie sci-fi legend John Agar as Tom, while deep-voiced child actor George “Foghorn” Winslow was the lucky lad selected to play Timmy. A silly fantasy/comedy, The Rocket Man was never intended to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but its B-movie charm made it a Saturday matinee regular for years after its release.

Movie Release History

1954 - The Rocket Man

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Mayor Ed Johnson  Charles Coburn
Justice Amelia Brown  Spring Byington
Timmy  George "Foghorn" Winslow
June Brown  Anne Francis
Tom Baxter  John Agar
Big Bill Watkins  Emory Parnell
Bob   Stanley Clements
Ludine  Beverly Garland
Miss Snedley   June Clayworth
Officer O'Brien   Don Haggerty
Man  Lawrence Ryle
Unknown Almira Sessions

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