The Karate Kid Part II

The Karate Kid Part II

Synopsis of Movie

“Live or die, man?”

Picking up exactly where the first film left off, The Karate Kid Part II sent Miyagi and “Daniel-San” back to the master’s native Okinawa for a duel of honor. With new loves, new enemies and a gorgeous new setting, this sequel to the surprise 1984 hit delivered more of what made the first film such a success.

After the big win at the All-Valley Karate Championship, Daniel and Miyagi spot the ruthless Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese laying into his losing squad. Miyagi comes to the boys’ defense, defeating the slimeball Kreese without laying a finger on him. Returning home, Miyagi gets the news that his father is dying back in Okinawa. The old master is duty-bound to go, but that would mean breaking his self-imposed 40-year exile.

Back when he was a much younger man, Miyagi won the heart of the beautiful Yukie, but the lady had another suitor. Gruff hothead Sato challenged Miyagi to a life-or-death duel, and rather than kill or be killed, Miyagi fled the country. In Okinawa, honor never dies, and Miyagi knows his former rival will be waiting to pick up the fight.

Blowing his college savings, Daniel buys a plane ticket to accompany his dear friend. Okinawa is a treacherous place for both master and pupil, and Sato’s nephew Chozen decides Daniel needs an arch-enemy, too. But not everything is rotten in the state of Okinawa. Daniel also comes across the lovely Kumiko, who obviously shares his attraction. Miyagi faces his demons on a stormy night, and Sato may just be willing to let bygones be bygones, but the hot-tempered Chozen won’t let go without a deadly fight to the finish.

An even bigger box-office hit than the original Karate Kid, this chop-socky sequel proved that the first film was no fluke. The charm and compatibility of actors Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita again carried the day, and the film also benefited from ex-Chicago member Peter Cetera’s #1 single, “The Glory of Love.” A third film was released in 1989, as was a short-lived cartoon series, and in 1994, Miyagi took on a new student in The Next Karate Kid.

Movie Release History

1984 - The Karate Kid
1986 - The Karate Kid Part II
1989 - The Karate Kid Part III
1994 - The Next Karate Kid

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Miyagi Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita
Daniel   Ralph Macchio
Yukie   Nobu McCarthy
Sato  Danny Kamekona
Chozen   Yuji Okumoto
Kumiko   Tamlyn Tomita
Referee   Pat Johnson
Announcer   Bruce Malmuth
Bystander   Eddie Smith
Kreese   Martin Kove
Autograph Fan   Garth Johnson
Autograph Fan  Brett Johnson
Postman   Will Hunt
Cab Driver   Evan Malmuth
Stewardess   Lee Arnone
Stewardess #2   Sarah Kendall
Toshio  Joey Miyashima
Cab Driver in Okinawa   Raymond Ma
Soldier   George O'Hanlon
Miyagi's Father  Charlie Tanimoto
Village Woman   Tsuruko Ohye
Ichiro   Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad
Taro   Marc Hayashi
Watchman   Robert Fernandez
Kumiko's Street Friend   Natalie N. Hashimoto
Girl in Video Store  Diana Mar
B.D. Wong   Boy on Street
G.I. #1   Clarence Gilyard Jr.
G.I. #2   Michael Morgan
G.I. #3  Jack Eiseman
G.I. #4   Jeffrey Rogers
G.I. #5   Aaron Seville
Sato's Houseman   Wes Chong
Girl Bell Ringer   Traci Toguchi
Johnny   William Zabka
Dutch   Chad McQueen
Jimmy   Tony O'Dell
Bobby   Ron Thomas
Tommy  Rob Garrison

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