The Great Muppet Caper

The Great Muppet Caper

Synopsis of Movie

“Look, father! A bear!”
“No, dear, that’s a frog. Bears wear hats.”

A frog and a bear as identical twins? A pig fashion model? Only in the world of Jim Henson’s Muppets could anyone get away with such wonderful silliness. After the success of 1979’s The Muppet Movie, Henson and company reunited for a follow-up. This second installment in the Muppet film franchise took the gang to England for a comic heist movie.

Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear star as identical twin brother reporters, sent to England to cover the theft of fashion designer Lady Holiday’s jewels. While attending a glamorous dinner, Kermit notices the dazzling Miss Piggy, a wannabe model. The pretty porker also catches the eye of Holiday’s brother, Nicky, but the flirtations are interrupted by a sudden blackout.

When the lights return, Lady Holiday’s famed Baseball Diamond has been stolen, and Piggy is framed for the crime. While Piggy plots a jailbreak, the other Muppets set out to find the real criminals and recover the jewels.

While the film wasn’t as popular as the first Muppet movie, The Great Muppet Caper did continue the tradition of star cameos (John Cleese, Peter Falk, Peter Ustinov), original songs (including the Oscar-nominated “The First Time It Happens”) and zany sight gags (like Piggy riding a motorcycle and a Busby Berkley-style water ballet that has to be seen to be believed.) The film was also the only Muppet feature directed by Jim Henson himself, who passed away in 1990.

Movie Release History

1979 - The Muppet Movie
1981 - The Great Muppet Caper
1984 - The Muppets Take Manhattan
1992 - The Muppet Christmas Carol
1996 - Muppet Treasure Island
1999 - Muppets From Space

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Lady Holiday Diana Rigg
Kermit the Frog Jim Henson
Nicky Holiday Charles Grodin
Neville John Cleese
Miss Piggy Frank Oz
British Gentleman Robert Morley
Tramp Peter Falk
Truck Driver Peter Ustinov
Editor Jack Warden
Rowlf Jim Henson
Dr. Teeth Jim Henson
Waldorf Jim Henson
The Swedish Chef Jim Henson
Fozzie Bear Frank Oz
Animal Frank Oz
Sam the Eagle Frank Oz
Gonzo Dave Goelz
Beauregard Dave Goelz
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dave Goelz
Zoot Dave Goelz
Marla Erica Creer
Carla Kate Howard
Darla Della Finch
Security Guard Michael Robbins
Dorcas Joan Sanderson
Maitre d' Peter Hughes
Prison Guard Peggy Aitchison
Floyd Pepper Jerry Nelson
Camilla Jerry Nelson
Pops Jerry Nelson
Lew Zealand Jerry Nelson
Muppet Sports Commentator Jerry Nelson
Rizzo the Rat Steve Whitmire
Lips Steve Whitmire
Oscar the Grouch Carroll Spinney
Bus Conductor Tommy Godfrey
1st Model Katia Borg
2nd Model Valli Kemp
Scooter Richard Hunt
Statler Richard Hunt
Janice Richard Hunt
Beaker Richard Hunt
Sweetums Richard Hunt
3rd Model Michele Ivan-Zadeh
4th Model Chai Lee
Girl in Park Christine Nelson
Doorman Rodney Lovick
Reporter Suzanne Church
Reporter Ian Hanham
Delivery Man David Ludwig
Prisoner Mary Mazstead
Prisoner Patti Dalton
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Cynthia Ashley
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Lynn Latham
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Susan Backlinie
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Cynthia Leake
Muppet Performer Louise Gold
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Sherrill Cannon
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Kahren Lohren
Muppet Performer Kathryn Mullen
Muppet Performer Bob Payne
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Christine Cullen
Muppet Performer Robert Barnett
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Tricia McFarlin
Muppet Performer Brian Muehl
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Susie Guest
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Denise McKenna
Muppet Performer Hugh Spight
Muppet Performer Mike Quinn
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Wendy Holker
Muppet Performer Brian Henson
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Linda Horn
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Denise Potter
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Lee Keenan
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Ann Rynne
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Darine Klega
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Roberta Ward
Charlie's Water Ballet Performer Melina Lee Phelps

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