The Adventures of Rusty (series)

The Adventures of Rusty (series)

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Following in the pawprints of Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie, a German Shepherd named Rusty became a bona fide dog star in his 1945 feature debut, The Adventures of Rusty. An attack dog with a heart of gold, Rusty was played by B-movie regular Ace the Dog, whose canine resume included tear-jerkers like Orphans of the Street and Pride of the Army.

In this film, Rusty is adopted by little Danny Mitchell, who really needs a new friend. Danny’s widowed father has just remarried, and the boy isn’t sure how to react to his new stepmother. Rusty makes a welcome companion, but the dog’s past keeps getting both Rusty and Danny in trouble.

Before he came into Danny’s home, Rusty had worked as a police dog, trained to kill. Danny knows the German Shepherd has a kind heart under his angry exterior, but not everyone is so convinced. Together, boy and dog work to clear Rusty’s name, while Danny’s new stepmother tries to find room in the lad’s heart for another new friend as well.

The Adventures of Rusty was a popular B-picture in its time, a classic “boy and his dog” tale that warmed the soul. Several Rusty sequels were filmed over the next few years, starting with Son of Rusty in 1947. Danny and Rusty kept the adventures coming through For the Love of Rusty, My Dog Rusty, Rusty Leads the Way, Rusty Saves a Life and the final entry, 1949’s Rusty’s Birthday, always faithful to each other, always touching the hearts and the tear ducts.

Movie Release History

1945 - The Adventures of Rusty
1947 - Son of Rusty
1947 - For the Love of Rusty
1948 - My Dog Rusty
1948 - Rusty Leads the Way
1949 - Rusty Saves a Life
1949 - Rusty's Birthday

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Danny Mitchell Ted Donaldson
Rusty Ace the Dog
Ann Mitchell  Margaret Lindsay
Hugh Mitchell  Conrad Nagel
Louise Hover  Gloria Holden
Will Nelson  Robert Williams
Psychiatrist  Addison Richards
Tausig  Arno Frey
Ehrlich   Eddie Parker
Henry  Bobby Larson
Billy   Douglas Madore
Herbie  Gary Gray
Mrs. Nelson  Ruth Warren

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