The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter

The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter

Synopsis of Movie

With a title like The NeverEnding Story, did anyone doubt there would be a sequel? It didn’t hurt that the first film earned over $100 million worldwide, and that half of Michael Ende’s novel remained untapped at the end of the 1984 movie.

The follow-up to that film was a German/U.S. co-production, filmed on locations as spread out as Italy, Australia, France, Argentina and Canada. Departing from Ende’s novel even more that the first film, The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter brought a new director, new Bastian, new Atreyu and a new villainess.

Apparently, the wishes granted to young Bastian at the end of the first film didn’t pay of as well as he’d hoped. As the second film opens, the boy still struggles with his widowed father at home and with general persecution at school. Too afraid to leap from the high dive to qualify for the school’s swim team, Bastian again finds solace in the pages of The NeverEnding Story.

Here, Bastian can be a hero, and the land of Fantasia certainly needs one. The Childlike Empress’ throne is threatened by a new force, an evil enchantress named Xayide. This time around, Bastian gets even more directly involved with the action, teaming up with warrior hero Atreyu to fight Xayide’s plot. Bastian has the ability to make his wishes come true, but each time he does so, he loses a memory.

Knowing this weakness, Xayide sends the birdlike Nimbly to tempt Bastian to continue wishing, hoping the boy will forget what he’s come to do. Old pals from the first film, like the Luck Dragon and the Rock Biter, show up to help the cause of good, but Bastian alone holds the power to save or doom Fantasia.

While not as successful as the first film, The NeverEnding Story II did well enough to inspire a third installment four years later and an animated series two years after that. In its theatrical release, the movie was preceded by "Box-Office Bunny," the first new Bugs Bunny short since 1964.

Movie Release History

1984 - The NeverEnding Story
1990 - The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter
1994 - The NeverEnding Story III

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Movie Studio

Warner Bros., Cine Vox


Bastian Bux Jonathan Brandis
Atreyu Kenny Morrison
Xayide Clarissa Burt
Barney Bux John Wesley Shipp
Nimbly Martin Umbach
Childlike Empress Alexandra Johnes
Koreander Thomas Hill
Bastian's Mother Helena Michell
Tri Face Chris Burton
Instrument Spinster Patricia Fugger
Windbride Birge Schade
Lavaman Claudio Maniscalco
Mudwart Andreas Borcherding
Mudwart Ralf Weikinger
Rockbiter Junior Colin Gilder

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