The Little Kidnappers

The Little Kidnappers

Synopsis of Movie

The Little Kidnappers didn’t really mean to do it. Despite the implications of the title (the original British title, The Kidnappers, made them look even worse), the two big-hearted boys at the center of this tale just wanted something to love.

Orphaned lads Davy and Harry are sent to live with their hardened, bigoted Granddaddy in Nova Scotia, Canada. Granddaddy tries to fill the boys with his prejudices and negative attitude, but Davy and Harry simply have too much love in their hearts.

All the boys really want is a dog, but Granddaddy absolutely refuses. Still wanting something to care for, the boys come across a seemingly abandoned baby and decide to adopt it, not realizing what consequences may come.

The Little Kidnappers was clearly a quiet, humble film, and audiences of all ages embraced its simple truths. Child actors Jon Whitely and Vincent Winter were given special Oscars at the Academy Awards ceremony, and the film itself became a beloved classic, both in the U.S. and especially in its native Britain.

Movie Release History

1953 - The Little Kidnappers

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Movie Studio

Group Film Prods. Ltd., Rank Organisation


Granddaddy Duncan Macrae
Grandma Jean Anderson
Kirsty Adrienne Corri
Willem Bloem Theodore Bikel
Harry Jon Whiteley
Davy Vincent Winter
Jan Hooft Sr.* Francis De Wolff
Arron McNab James Sutherland
Andrew McCleod John Rae
Dominie Jack Stewart
Tom Cameron Jameson Clark
Sam Howie Eric Woodburn
Jan Hooft Jr.*  Christopher Beeny
Archibald Jenkins Howard Connell

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